Learn Yiddish with Amy Winehouse!

You can’t move in London for Jewish education these days.  On every corner in the Jewish neighbourhoods shops have been turned into learning centres.  Every shul runs evening study programmes and there’s even a Friday morning chevruta in the bakery.  Actually, that’s not true, it’s just the same man arguing with the proprietor about the price of challah week after week.

So, in the first of an occasional series (of one, probably) where I invite famous Jews to teach in my online school,  here’s Amy.  Learning is simple.  Just watch the two videos simultaneously until you are a fluent yiddish speaker (albeit with a limited vocabulary).

Instructions:  run the first video until about 25 seconds before starting the second one.  turn the sound off on the second video.

When you’ve mastered that, translate the following…

“Oy, if only my son should meet someone like Amy”.


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